SAP® Certified in Hosting Operations

Cloud/ Outsourcing


You have no data center and you do not want to look after your infrastructure and hardware?

Our private cloud infrastructure is then the solution. We operate your SAP systems in a private cloud with complete sovereignty over your data.

The data centers are more than 6 km apart and are operated independently by different providers. The data centers are connected via our own optic fiber ring. The data centers are connected to the DE-CIX and thus offer low-latency connections to your sites, mobile services or other cloud services (hybrid cloud).

We do not burden you with long-term contracts. We deliver on demand, exactly how your company needs it.


Our processes and quality standards have been repeatedly certified by SAP as "SAP Certified in Hosting Services".




In Germany, from Germany

Upon request, we offer traditional outsourcing of your core IT within an ideal infrastructure.


Our private cloud infrastructure ensures that your data is in expert hands. We can therefore meet your individual requirements regarding availabilities, maximum downtime, or minimum data loss.


Thanks to the virtualization of VMware, systems are independent from the underlying hardware. Hence, we can allocate resources flexibly and exchange or upgrade the hardware anytime.

Hardware resources are accounted for by monthly usage and can thus be adjusted according to your needs.


Cloud technologies ensure the effective and stable system operation with Service Agreements (SLA).


Our data centers are located in Frankfurt and Offenbach and are more than 6 km apart. If desired, we can mirror data to Würzburg via a 10GBit/s connection or offer a tape backup.


All data remains within our infrastructure in Germany, protected by German law.

Hybrid Cloud


The key lies in the mix!

From running a flexible in-house infrastructure and outsourcing into a private cloud to using public online services – with a clever combination of all worlds, companies can optimize their IT in various respects:


  • Accelerating innovation and providing added value
  • Responding to changing market conditions
  • Efficient use of existing technologies and reducing the total cost of ownership on a long-term basis
  • Meeting compliance and security requirements of critical data and systems
  • Simplifying the IT environment and its management

The key to success lies in combining and mastering various techniques. We assist you in selecting the right services for your business.


Back Office/ nonSAP

In our private cloud, nonSAP systems are in good hands as well.


There are different ways of using our cloud:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), i.e. we provide the virtual server, you operate and monitor your application.
  • We operate your IT systems, optionally in co-operation with our affiliate TakeNet.

The service share can be chosen very flexibly.
You will only receive the service your company needs.



Cloud/ Outsourcing:

  • Operating a system landscape with SAP ERP, SAP Content Server, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP (each three-staged), SAP APO with Live Cache; migrating a SAP ERP system from AS400 to Windows Server/ SQL Server
  • Operating a three-stage SAP ERP system environment, migrated from AIX / Oracle to Suse Linux / Oracle
  • Operating SAP S/4 HANA systems
  • Operating a Futura4Retail system environment with SQL Server
  • Operating SAP S/4 HANA hybrid scenario with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytic Cloud
  • Operating a two-stage SAP ERP environment; migration from HP-UX / MaxDB to Suse Linux / MaxDB
  • Operating more than 60 SAP development and test systems for a SAP consulting partner for banking solutions